Sunday, 8 April 2012

Colin James

    Night Sweat

Baby steps.
Stand there pretending.
You have serious breath
for an arid runner.
Kierkegaard achievers
lambasted the necessary,      
thanks to a                       
far out itinerary of
water hole-less.


TSTmpj:  Your poem is intriguing, and an existentialist philosopher I'm not.  Would you care to share some thoughts on the why of Kierkegaard for you?

Colin James:  “Far from idleness being the root of all evil, it is rather the only true good."  is one of my favorite Kierkegaardisms. So you see, we can quietly stare into space without any guilt association.

TSTmpj:  Is hole-less hope-less in any sense for you?

Colin James:  Helpless, yes I suppose. One tries to stay away from the overused like the heavyweight, ironic. Don't wish to hear of that again constantly.

TSTmpj:  How much, if any, humour is there in pretence?

Colin James:  Oh, that's a great one. I didn't write that did I? You wrote that. Of course that moment someone referred to, goes in all directions. We take from it, leave the shards of opinion sticking out dangerously.

Bio Note

Colin James has a chapbook of poems from Thunderclap Press and just recently a poem in an Australian magazine, Underground Writers.

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