Submission guidelines

OK, this is a one person operation, so much as I like reading poetry of all kinds, for the sake of my getting enough sleep, please submit as follows:

1.  Please send only one poem at a time.
2.  That poem must be thirty lines or fewer.
3.  E-mail submissions only, to
4.  Send your poem as a .doc or a .docx attachment to your e-mail.
5.  Also include a bio note of twenty words or fewer with the poem in the attachment(this is a micro poetry journal!)

If these five points are not followed exactly, I will not reply to your submission.

If I accept a poem, the poet will be invited to take part in a three question, poetry related, interview that will appear with their poem.  Knowing that some poets are more private than others, this invitation can be declined; I will still feature the poem.

I will respond as quickly as I can, but no promises.  I will post as often as I can; again, no promises.

Finally, to assess the suitability of your poem from the selections from my published works is a trap.  While they may offer the vaguest of guides, I'm open to anything I believe is good poetry!  Please submit...