Monday, 30 April 2012

Clay Micallef

A Winter's Night to Remember

Snow is falling
window cold
to the touch

She is half my age
wearing nothing
but a crimson ribbon

Her foreign tongue
cartwheels between
broken english
and an old gypsy song

Her skin shines
like silk
by the fire light

She stands
hands pressed
against the glass

Eating chocolate
from an unpronounceable
Swedish village

I bath within
her beauty
from behind


TSTmpj:  You write poetry and songs.  Poetry and music, a potent combination.  Who are some of your influences, favourites?

Clay Micallef:  To name just a few, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Ani DiFranco, "of course" Bob Dylan, and last but not least Shane MacGowan.  They're all amazing poets/musicians they still continue to fascinate and inspire me.


TSTmpj:  Have you ever been to Sweden.  Are you a fan of Stefan Edberg?

Clay Micallef:  Unfortunately I haven't been to Sweden, though I have to say a Swedish singer songwriter Lykke Li was an inspiration for the poem, she is a very interesting and sexy performer, I really like her new album Wounded Rhymes.  Stefan Edberg? I had to Google him, I don't follow any sports, a friend once said to me while watching a game of football, "Why don't they just give everyone a ball?" I thought that was quite humorous.


TSTmpj:  What is your favourite type of chocolate?

Clay Micallef:  I'm really liking Lindt chilli chocolate.  Why wouldn't I? I mean wow! Just read the box...

Discover an exceptional and entirely new taste experience through the harmonious combination of Lindt's finest aromatic signature dark chocolate and the well balanced spice of premium red chilli. The delicately thin profile enlivens your senses by enhancing the smooth melting sensation of this elegantly rich and refined chocolate, enabling the intense melody of flavours to indulge your palate.

Bio Note

Western Australian poet and songwriter Clay Micallef lives in the town of Denmark.  He enjoys reading, kayaking, eating home-cooked meals.

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