Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bronwyn Evans

our weekend ritual
where you recite rape rescue and disaster
weather patterns and movements
but keep a firm seal on the opinion pages

the newspaper has been cast aside
on the ice-berg
leather of a very expensive lounge
a front page full of gloss and something current
a straining at the spine 

we paw over snaps of happy dogs with silly sausages
cute new mums and just born bubs
wave conversation away with
whitegoods and the price of holidays

we save the quiz for last
Q & A faraway from all that emotion
the logic of a points system

once the quiz is won I will fix a pot of coffee
easy to wash down
sweetness I know you’ll like

my teaspoon scrapes
a ringing on the lip of china
I let it stand steep for depth

shelve the jar in pantry and return
its bright label to the front


TSTmpj:  How easy is it for you to write about the minutiae of life?

Bronwyn Evans:  Everyday things capture my attention when they have some deeper significance or symbolism.  I use metaphor to make sense of the world, of the human experience.  So a poem about a walnut or a walking stick may seem like minutiae at first glance, but is in fact an opening or a hook to something deeper.


TSTmpj:  Is your poetry generally more "natural mathematics" or "human made art"?

Bronwyn Evans:  My poetry has a very human aspect to it.  To write poetry requires you to be vulnerable in that you need to be fully emotionally responsive to life.  I try to put words to human experiences that seem out of reach of language.


TSTmpj:  What do you see as the future of newspapers and their supplements?

Bronwyn Evans:

Newspapers and their supplements…

are a cleaner source of fuel than television
suitable fodder
for rabbits

will capture paint mid-drip
or invent space
for elbows on crowded trams

without refinement
the delivery will go sour
     more instant than milk

Bio Note

Bronwyn Evans has blue eyes like her relatives.  A crease is forming between them, she puts it down to writing.

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