Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sarah Dickhudt

A simple pair

At the time
I was with another girl
We came in to check out the store
Me and her
We kept looking at eachother
Me and you
At the time
You and that old lady were working
You helped us
Me and her
Find a certain size
You noticed it was a narrow shoe
The funny thing is
Your mom had the same shoes
And she liked them
You said
She liked them when she went on a trip
Just seeing if you see this
So you can see
The you and me.


TSTmpj:  You have told me that your poem is a Found poem, based on a craigslist advertisement.  What else inspires you to write?

Sarah Dickhudt:  The voice in my head chuckled when I read the original ad on the 'lost connections' section of craigslist. The author of the ad created a window into his or her psyche for me to peer into. Once upon a time, my talent for over thinking details was a burden. Through writing, I've found ways to extort these thoughts into pieces of art.

TSTmpj:  I understand that you came to poetry writing again later in life, after quite a break since your school days.  Was there anyone in those early days who you now remember fondly as someone who would have approved of your current direction, and what did they mean to you then, and now?

Sarah Dickhudt:  Writing always came naturally to me in school. I especially remember my sister enjoying my stories. I would ask her to proofread for me and afterwards, she would look at me with honest eyes and tell me she enjoyed my story. Once I started writing outside of school assignments, I found my niche. 

TSTmpj:  Who is your greatest influence at the moment? What is the single most important piece of wisdom you have received from them?

Sarah Dickhudt:  Dessa Darling. She is a spoken word artist from Minneapolis, MN. I have been following her music for a couple of years and I find her to be truly astonishing. She holds her own in a mostly male-dominated atmosphere. She started by reciting slam poetry and now incorporates music. In one of her songs she says, 'underrated writer, overrated rapper.' She would rather be acknowledged for writing than her music. This I find to be inspirational because she has kept true to the roots of her success.

Bio Note

Sarah Dickhudt is a US poet who when she is not writing enjoys finding meaning in seemingly meaningless places.

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