Thursday, 8 March 2012

B.Z. Niditch

In Transit

Escaping from the ice
of parental storms
no longer standing
on volcanic motives

without travelling
passports, maps
or green cards
near distant mountains

on the other side
of a wandering world
between two oceans
without diaries
or visible guardians
along snow-kissed trails

altering latitudes
as any plumed butterfly
or glowworm
on windy directions
of half-opened horizons
undaunted by dialects
as any well-seasoned exile
without memories
of deafening time

or by other soft footprints
at deceptive first light.


TSTmpj:  Can you give an insight into how you compose a poem?

B.Z. Niditch:  With me a sudden phrase, evocative image, a dream or feeling from the substratum of my being may prompt a poem of mine. Even from a disorderly mind's assembly of ordinary words and daily experience, patterns of rhythm and sound emerge. I aim for music and euphony in my voice which leads me to a poem.

TSTmpj:  I understand that you also write short stories, plays, and so on.  Can you share some thoughts on the different challenges these different forms pose for you, compared to writing poetry?

B.Z. Niditch:  My fiction and plays reflect an amalgam of characters or characteristics of people places or situations somewhat analogous to composing a poem yet broadened by dialogue and speech.

TSTmpj:  Have you travelled much?  How has your life's journey -- considering the word "journey" in any way you will -- informed the composition of "In Transit"?

B.Z. Niditch:  I have travelled through North America, Europe, the Middle East and I have family in Australia. Though observation and a daily journal “In Transit " emerged on my literary journal.

Bio Note

B.Z. Niditch is widely internationally published. His just released latest poetry collection is Lorca at Sevilla (March Street Press).

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