Monday, 26 March 2012

Helen Haloulos


To take my hand and slowly tear it
Through your hair and rip your pride
And foolish ways to shreds
To yell and cry until my voice grows hoarse
And I run out of tears
To be angry and not be able to
Let it exit my body
To not let it vent
To trap it
And keep it
And pet it
Until it swells
And bursts
And I leave


TSTmpj:  "Wrath" deals with the expression of strong emotion.  Are you drawn to poetry and other writing that does  this?  Sylvia Plath's final poems before her death perhaps?  Or other confessional poetry?  Or are your influences completely away from this kind of writing?

Helen Haloulos:  My influences are always drawn from personal experience. If I can reach a reader with my work, then I know what I have been through is real enough for others to feel it through my words.

I have not studied other poets and admire all sorts of writing, from all kinds of authors. However none which influence my writing style.

TSTmpj:  Here's a broad question, to which I've no inkling how you might respond.  What matters most to you, as a freelance writer?

Helen Haloulos:  What matters to me most in freelance writing would have to be the 'creative' side of the writing. To me being freelance, at this time in my life, gives me license to write about what interests me. If I am fortunate enough to get any exposure, that is a wonderful bonus, but I enjoy writing, just for me.

TSTmpj:  Melbourne has long had a vibrant writing scene.  Have you any links to parts of it?  Do you read your work?  Are there any local literary figures that you have been influenced by or especially admire?

Helen Haloulos:  I am a member of Writers Victoria, I have been over a span of 10 years, on and off again. I have not read my work nor have I been active in the scene to date. I am currently doing a Professional Writing & Editing course with C.A.E. this has prompted me to start submitting my work and possibly getting published. There is no-one I can say who has influenced me, or admired locally.

Bio Note

Helen Haloulos is a freelance writer from Melbourne. She writes because she loves to: children’s books, short stories and poetry.

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