Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Michael Laubscher

At sea am I out
Some days -
I drift out across the sea
weightless and wonderless
boundless, horizonless.
Just to be
that which no one has to think about
or even talk.
TSTmpj:  What is your first memory "as a poet" of the sea?
Michael Laubscher:  Somewhere as a teen watching the sea and beginning to realize some of its enormity and boundlessness.
TSTmpj:  Can you describe what the sea means to you?
Michael Laubscher:  It offers much- reflection, enjoyment, uncertainty, anonymity, among others.
TSTmpj:  What does anonymity mean to you?
Michael Laubscher:  Anonymity is not something anyone wants forever, but there are times when it is a welcome luxury, and times when it is a necessity. A fine line indeed, but occasionally it offers us the opportunity of just being.
Bio Note
Michael Laubscher is a lecturer at North-West University in South Africa, who writes poetry and wonders about life.

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