Sunday, 9 September 2012

Elvis Fix

I Diverge

I diverge
I am the contra
to normalcy
slowly swimming
through the ether
the senselessness—
the senselessness that fills
the otherwise void world.
Tangent ray of light
Happily peerless
Happily alone.


TSTmpj:  What do you see as "normalcy", in however broad a sense you wish to interpret it?
Elvis Fix:  Normalcy, to me, is the complacency of everyday existence. It is the superficial, depthless state of those who blindly submit to the world. The formless nature of this normalcy is described as the ether where it is not only ubiquitous but also without true content and solid existence. The normalcy is the poison that etherizes the individual and robs him of his ability to be himself.


TSTmpj:  The age old question, pursuit, of "happiness" -- again, can your offer our readers your broader take on it?

Elvis Fix:  Happiness to the Divergent is of a different hue than to those of the normalcy. Happiness is not the shallow drives of ordinary pleasure but instead the desire to create. The Divergent, as I classify people of individualism, are those who can accept the world as senseless and thrive in the meaning they give to it individually. This is an existential pursuit to the self and self-crafted meaning.


TSTmpj:  What is your version of being "peerless"?

Elvis Fix:  Peerlessness is the state that an individual achieves when he has accepted himself. He has chosen to live an authentic existence with Emersonian self-reliance. To be peerless is to have obtained a level of self-awareness that it becomes incomprehensible to others. In this way “peerless” means not only solitude but also without equal in understanding. Through this transcendental state, one may find one’s own happiness.

Bio Note

Elvis Fix lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He has been published in Three Line Poetry, Haiku Journal and Counterexample Poetics.

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