Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tanaya Nash


Dark Clouds
Fallen blossoms and pale moon
Hurried flight of birds
Arrival of lonely autumn
Time for us to part
Much have been said yet
We have not come to the end of our feelings
I leave you this poem
Read it
When the silence of the world possesses you
Or when you are fretted with disquiet
And remember
That all my thoughts have always been of you


TSTmpj:  How often are you, as a poet, "possessed by the silence of the world?"

Tanaya Nash:  Often, and it is then that i get closer to writing, it is then that i write actually.


TSTmpj:  Partings are intrinsic to life.  How acutely do you feel the temporal nature of "always"?

Tanaya Nash:  partings...hmmmm...yeah...they are intrinsic to life...when the distance does not do it, death does. But it is always...or better say every time. either ways you get used to it. to be honest i have never been so sure about "always" been temporal. May be it will be right to say i have never been so acutely aware of it.


TSTmpj:  How important do you feel it is for a poet to vary their tone, in their work?

Tanaya Nash:  ahh...finally here is something i know i can answer. Tone is more like Mood. You cant be in one kindda mood all day long. Actually, variation is essence of a poet, and a poetry. I wont be wrong if i say it is an essence to everything around. so in short, it is very important for a poet to vary their tone in their work.

Bio Note

Tanaya Nash:  a poetess..a writer..a reader. stays at Bihar, India..loves travelling, music and cooking

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