Friday, 2 November 2012

Gary Beck

Speechless in Another Land

When the dusky hour rumbles
towards another evening, mumbles
rising from the open windows tease 
the unfound variations of delight.
The maddened hopeless waiting
breathes a silent, urgent howling
deafened only by imagined growling
from the figment animals of fear.
When time again
this place to leave
untouched moments,
strangers pass unseen
waiting for arrivals, come
too late for expectations,
or never discovered.
To find one puff-ball escape
hidden in another language
discovery, making in this place
an instant of dissolving
self, pose, proclaimed hungers
extending just to the doom of desire,
renouncing only what was not had.


TSTmpj:  How do you sustain your imagination?

Gary Beck:  I appreciate every day and always try to be positive.


TSTmpj:  What do you feel are the essential differences between the practices of writing poetry, writing novels, and writing plays?

Gary Beck:  poetry is urgent and requires intense focus, a novel must be sustained and be consistent, a play is written to be performed and must be clear and structured.


TSTmpj:  What do you see as the creative challenges you still face?

Gary Beck:  to make sure content and meaning are more important than form and style. 

Bio Note

Gary Beck has spent most of his adult life as a theatre director.  He currently lives in New York City.

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